Monday, August 15, 2011


My husband (Larry) took an entire Friday off!  Shocked... yes, I was:)

He close to never takes vacation.  We packed up and got out of town to 

celebrate our 2nd Anniversary!  We headed to Madison, WI.  Simply because

it is a city that hosts all of our loves.....great food, wine, shopping, and adventure.

The food was some of the very best we have ever experienced!  Some of 

our favorite restaurants are in Vegas and  guess what our Madison weekend

hosted a slew of spots that were right up there!  Larry and I have so much

in common and a loads of fun together that time goes too quickly and is 

NEVER enough!  Enjoy a little of our weekend!

 ( Lunch at Graze)

(Our view from the Honeymoon Suite at the Concorse Hotel.  Most comfortable bed I have ever slept in!)

( Dinner at L'Etoile. 1st course grilled cantaloupe and prosciutto...fabulous.  Larry had a beef tongue
1st course that was equally much, it was gone by the time the camera was ready.)

(Seared Corvina Entree....delicious)

(Larry had the most amazing pheasant dish....not totally paleo but a delicious treat!)

(Because it was a special occasion, I treated myself to a sinful ending!  Flourless chocolate cake with elderberry sorbet.  The absolute best I have EVER had!~)

(Larry's sweet treat....blueberry cornbread with apricot and carmel sauce.  Vanilla bean gelato.  Nothing about this is even close to paleo.  He has a stomach that allows himself to do a random treat and jump back on paleo the next meal.  That is not the case for me...I pay dearly:(

(Caught in the rain at the greatest farmer's market....fine by us:)

I managed to stay completely paleo all weekend with the exception of the Chocolate Flourless Cake.
It was a treat!  For me it was most important that I kept gluten free.  I WILL NOT touch gluten at any point.  Everywhere we ate used local, super clean ingredients, and no one ever once questioned accommodating my dietary guidelines.  Love that!  Felt great and had fun!  

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