Sunday, November 13, 2011


I know you are shocked for your own eyeballs that you are actually reading a new blog post from me!  Sorry for  my absent-ness.  I am still cooking my fool head off and creating everyday.  Anyone who has blogged, knows it is a time consuming hobby.  I do truly love sharing with you all, but sometimes it just comes down to time.  And  other times, I cannot lie, I am just too darn hungry to take pictures, write down ingredients ect.  So it's a continuous cycle of trying to find the perfect balance.  Very much true to everything in life....Correct?

Today, my two pooch side kicks and I are snugged up.  Missing hubs big time!  He is away in Chicago for the week working a trade show.  Much work and planning on his part has went into having a booth at the show.  Wouldn't you know, that last Tuesday rolled around and Larry woke up sick as a dog!  WHAT!?!  He next to NEVER gets sick (maybe once every 3yrs.).  Well a nasty, nasty bug struck and it struck hard....laying him up in bed for 2 straight days.  I have a feeling it would have been longer but with a full plate for the show, you can't keep a good man down.  So I have been trying to help anyway I can to lighten his load and get him back to good.  We (me & pooch's) wished him well this morning and sent him on his south way!  GO Larry!  In the meantime I am hosing this germ shack down & praying to God I don't get struck  next.  I am telling myself that this strong Paleo immune system can't be touched.  It's all about the power of intention right?

Today I made myself a delicious breakfast and am planning a week of meals for a table of 1.  Unless of course, you would like to come over and I'll cook for you?  Ok, I am pretty sure I am boring you beyond words so without further ado....



-1 mashed ripe banana
-3 free range eggs
-1/2 cup unsweetened pumpkin puree
-1/4 cup almond butter (experiment with Sunbutter if you have a nut allergy)
-1 tsp. cinnamon
-pinch of nutmeg, ginger, and vanilla bean

Blend all ingredients until it resembles a smooth, batter-like consistency.  On medium-high, heat a dollop of Coconut Oil in skillet.  From there, you are pancake making ready!  Careful not to burn and careful you know there is an art to flipping at the perfect time:)

I topped my pancakes with maple fried apples.  Here's what I did:
-1 Cortland apple - skin on & chopped
-1 tbsp. pure maple syrup
-1/4 cup pecans
-dash of cinnamon & nutmeg, pinch of sea salt

Saute' apple mixture in the warm pancake skillet for 3-4 minutes and Wah-Lah....ready to top your pancakes!  This recipe makes 6-7 pancakes.

This recipe is Paleo pooch approved:)

ENJOY!  Eat Well & Be Happy!

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