Saturday, May 14, 2011


One thing we really miss following a grain-free lifestyle is a great sushi roll.  WE ARE SUSHI PEOPLE!  The greatest sushi we have ever had was on our Honeymoon at "Yellow Tail" in Las Vegas.  It was simply amazing!  Our favorite rolls included one that had lump crab meat and pop rocks...remember pock rocks?  It was like a party in your mouth!  Very interesting and so so tasty! The other favorite was a strawberry, avocado and tuna roll.  This one was a dynamite combo!  I love the clean, crisp palette of sushi and how light/satisfied you feel when you're done.

We now do sushi at home so we can make it rice-free.  Our "rice" is now cauliflower.  Trust me when I say... You will NEVER miss the rice!  Just give it a try and see for yourself!  Sushi making is really fun and very interactive.  This is great for entertaining and enjoying a bottle of sake. It gives everyone a chance to get involved and "build your own" sushi combo.

RICE FREE SUSHI  (California Roll)

-Wild Caught Lump Blue Crab Meat
-1 Head Cauliflower
-Nori Seaweed
-1 Cucumber
-1 Avocado
-2 Carrots
-Natural Wasabi Powder
-Coconut Amino's

  1. Rinse cauliflower, and grate with a cheese grater. Throw away stems.
  2. Saute' cauliflower with 1/2 a tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil for 5-7 minutes on medium heat. Let cool.
  3. Thinly slice cucumber, avocado, and carrot.  Also shred lump crab meat.
  4. Place a sheet of seaweed onto a cutting board, and cover 2/3 with a thin layer of cauliflower.
  5. 1/2 inch from the top edge of the seaweed, place a row of cucumber, avocado, carrot, and crab meat.
  6. Carefully roll sushi until you have an inch of seaweed left. Wet the seaweed with water to seal the roll.
  7. Slice sushi roll into 1 inch slices.  Make sure your knife is VERY sharp.
  8. Mix equal parts natural wasabi powder with water to resemble a paste, and let sit for 10 minutes.
  9. Serve sushi with wasabi and coconut aminos for dipping condiments.

You can use this same concept and create different rolls.  The possibilities are endless.  So as always, I encourage you to get creative!

Enjoy!  Eat Well & Be Happy!
 (Enjoying our Sushi @ Yellow Tail in Las Vegas.  Can't beat the Bellagio balcony seating!)

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