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We did our bi-monthly run to Madison, WI today.  I hear so often, that WI does not have "organics",  "pastured eggs & meat", or the resources to lead a healthy lifestyle, available to us.  I couldn't DISAGREE more!  We have great farms and resources within our state!  There are so many kind people willing to help and educate you, but it needs to become a priority first.  I have spent a ton of time researching and educating myself  on local produce and farming.  With that said, I have just scratched the surface and continue to learn more daily.  This is the part I love!  Health and Nutrition is an evolving door! 

Our mission for this summer is to do ONLY  "edible" gardening.  We built four raised vegetable beds last summer that worked great.  This year, we are going to plant our beds again and do only edibles in our pots.  There has been alot of homework involved but I enjoy the process of becoming self-sufficient on our own property.  We are going to do some really cool varieties of  herbs, heirloom vegetables, and edible flowers.

I encourage you to make a healthy lifestyle, happy and fun for the entire family.  Get your kids involved!  Let them help you cook and have their own "mini-garden".  I call this "back to the basics".  Just think...not only is the time spent "quality, feel-good" time.  It is also shaping healthy habits for years to come.  One of the greatest gifts you could give!

Here is a recap of our day getting groceries,  organic garden plants/herbs, and a great lunch!

Farmer's Market around The Capitol ...THE BEST!

Lunch @ COOPER'S TAVERN with my beautiful husband.
FYI...I am enjoying one of my favorite "gluten-free" ciders
..."Fox Barrel Blackberry, Pear Cider"

Groceries @ Willy St. Co-op

Some of  the "fruits of our labor"

My little helper, CALVIN:)

Helper #2...feeling a little left out.  SAWYER:)

ENJOY!  Eat Well & Be Happy!

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