Thursday, May 5, 2011

Up & Running...Outside the BOX!

Hello Friends,
Cheers!  Here is to the beginning of many great things to come!  It feels very surreal to me to be "blogging".  I love reading others blogs, but never thought I would be the publisher of a blog.  I was inspired to take this journey because it is slightly uncomfortable for me.  I am working very hard to do things each day that feel uncomfortable.  Sounds strange I know.  My belief is that being uncomfortable creates personal growth...whether the outcome is good or is an experience & we grow/learn from it.  Perfectionism & failure is something I have always struggled with.  The need to always do it right and perfectly.  To not let anyone down.  Can you relate?  If so...WE ARE MISSING OUT!  We are holding ourselves back from what could be!  So this is where I vow to get uncomfortable, step outside the box, and try new things because I am not afraid of failing or afraid of what you may think of me.
With that said I encourage you to do the same!  It will be an incredible journey for all of us, working together to achieve higher ground.  Maybe this means:  running and extra mile, cooking for the first time, telling someone you love them, volunteering, speaking in public, pursuing something you are passionate about, writing a book.  Whatever it is....WE CAN DO THIS!  We are better together and I will work hard to inspire you each day to grow.  I know you all already do this for me:)

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  1. Wow! Nice job Steph! Truly inspired! Now, I have to plant my vegetables this year;) Can not wait to see more!